Beating the bullies!

By Rebecca Rocca

November is one of my favourite months; the run up to festive fun has begun. Just think sparklers, poppies, fireworks and of course the amusing, but charitable, ‘Movember’ movement. November is also the month that raises awareness about bullying with Anti-Bullying Month which was established to highlight the impact of bullying and how to combat it. For anyone who has experienced bullying, it can be an emotional rollercoaster and an upsetting time.

Statistics on bullying, collated from Government reports and research reveal that almost half (46 per cent) of children and young people say they have been bullied at school at some point in their lives. I’m lucky enough to say I was never bullied in school, however, I don’t know if I would have gotten away unscathed had there been Facebook or Twitter back then! You see the bully of the 21st Century looks very different to that of 20 years ago; for starters, more often than not, he is faceless, and nameless. No longer content with stealing children’s lunch money or homework, he’s now stealing something far more precious: their self esteem, ambitions and reputation. In fact, between 8 and 34 per cent of children and young people in the UK have admitted to being the victims of cyber bulling, with girls twice as likely to experience persistent cyber bullying than boys.

The truth of the matter is kids today have far more to deal with in terms of bullying than I (or we) ever did. So as adults I think we need to be extra vigilant when it comes to looking out for the young people we love. We need to monitor their moods and social media activity – let them accuse us of being nosey and interfering – we’re adults, that’s our job! Our job is to protect them, and in this day and age, that includes ensuring that they don’t fall victim of the cyber bully.


Remember remember the fifth of November: Sparklers at the ready everyone!

It’s that time of year again when everyone digs out their winter coats, scarves, woolly hats and gloves and joins together in celebrating Bonfire Night!

Also known as Guy Fawkes’ Night, the event started as a celebration of the arrest of Catholic, Guy Fawkes on 5 November 1605, following his failed attempt to blow up both King James I and the Houses of Parliament.

Burning effigies of Guy Fawkes on 5 November every year served as a reminder that treason would never be forgiven or forgotten. However, the 20th century Bonfire Night/Guy Fawkes’ Night became an enjoyable social celebration, lacking much of its original focus, and today the event is an excuse to light a bonfire, enjoy a tasty winter BBQ and watch an extravagant firework display with family, friends and the local community.

Last year, Guardian readers from across the UK shared their Bonfire Night photos, some of which are so stunning I had to share them with you:

If you’re in need of some inspiration as to where to go to celebrate Bonfire Night, check out a few of the largest and well-known events taking place in the UK below:

The Lord Mayor’s Show: To mark the end of the Lord Mayor’s Show and the beginning of a new mayoral year, London’s newly confirmed Lord Mayor will launch a magnificent fireworks display over the river on the 9 November. This is one of London’s most spectacular annual displays, with the fireworks visible for miles. For the best view however, head down to the riverside between Waterloo and Blackfriars Bridges.

Leeds Castle Fireworks Spectacular: This huge firework display will take place over the top of the beautiful Leeds Castle while music plays to add a sense of drama to the occasion! This year the event takes place on 9 and 10 November.

The Lewes Bonfire Night Celebrations: The Lewes Bonfire Night celebrations is possibly the biggest bonfire night celebration in Britain, including large bonfires, firework displays, processions become and the burning of effigies of anyone who has caused offence to Lewes over the past year! The Lewes bonfires are always on 5 November.

Whatever you decide to do to celebrate this great British tradition, whether it’s venturing to the park with the kids to watch the local firework display, or setting off a few screech rockets and a couple of Catherine wheels in the garden, here at Mango Marketing we hope you all have fun!