We heart London!

I read an article in the Telegraph this week that asked, ‘Is London really the most dangerous place for students?’, and had a little giggle to myself. As someone who moved to the big bad city from the Emerald Isle three years ago, I find London to be one of the safest places I’ve ever lived. Fortunately, the journalist who wrote the piece seemed to share my sentiment, going on to list the reasons she felt safer in the busy city than in her quiet hometown.

After reading the article, without realising it, I started running through everything I love about London in my mind. There are lots!! But rather than list them all (and bore you to tears I’m sure!), I decided to share my top five with you:

Friendly locals – Yes, really!! I’ve never had complete strangers come up and compliment me on a pair of boots I’m wearing, or a painting I’m carrying…until I moved to London. I pass people on the street and they smile or wave when we’ve only crossed paths a few times, and have had people personally walk me to an area when I’ve asked for directions on the street. The vast majority of Londoners I’ve met, are extremely friendly and happy to chat, which is perfect for me as I love hearing the different accents too!

Individuality – Londoners always look so cool to me. The eclectic mix of styles and individuality you see on a daily basis, whether you’re pottering down Oxford Circus, or grabbing a coffee in Camden Market, is fantastic. People just seem comfortable in their own skin and completely content in dressing exactly how the want to, which I really admire.

Hidden gems – It is impossible to be bored when you live in London. There are hidden gems to be discovered on a daily basis; last weekend I popped into a new social club, The Effra Social, that opened in Brixton recently only to find the most amazing jazz duo playing to a small crowd in the back room. And two weeks ago I stumbled across a group of elderly dancers, waltzing, jiving and fox-trotting for passersby in the middle of Regent’s Park.

The food! – Whether you’re craving Cantonese Duck, Mexican inspired tapas, fruity frozen yoghurt, fresh sushi prepared right at your table, or a plate of pasta exactly like mamma use to make, London has a restaurant for every appetite.

My Mangos – Soppy but true! I don’t think I would have lasted three minutes, let along three years, without the lovely girls here at Mango. They’ve made London really feel like a home away from home for me!

What are the things you love most about London? We’d love to hear from you (and I’d love hear any recommendations you have for spending a Saturday in the city!).


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