St Augustine’s Priory

Founded by an order of nuns in 1631 in France, St. Augustine’s Priory is steeped in history; one of the feisty nuns decided to became a suffragette. During the Second World War when the air raid sirens sounded, the cannonnesses would lead the girls down to the cellars where lessons would continue.

In 1790 it moved to the UK and is now an exciting, fulfilling and inspiring place to learn. Mango has recently been lucky enough to be given the task of reminding local families of the wonders of the school.

At its open day this week Mangos Rachel Womack, Rebecca Rocca and Rachel Mortell (you wouldn’t believe how many Rachels and Rebeccas we have on the team here!) were shown around the school by 6th former, and articulate poet, Rebecca (there’s always a job for her at Mango with a name like that!)

New headteacher Sarah Raffray has certainly transformed the school into the most wonderful world of learning experiences. Summarising the school’s ethos she says; “St.Augustine’s Priory aims to breed intellectual risk takers.”

The school focuses on valuing each child’s self-knowledge as well as their academic excellence. Their belief is that, if the school develops happy and respected individuals, this has a positive impact on their learning and on the rest of their lives.

During the tour of the school it was very clear that this is exactly what St Augustine’s is set to achieve. The new science block offers a learning environment set to inspire the next generation of female innovators, the art that the girls produce is of an incredibly high standard and the teachers are very committed to the ethos of the school and all its pupils.

But it’s not all about classroom learning. Set in the most beautifully extensive grounds with 12 tennis courts and a classroom within a woodland area, the school is also open to the girls’ parents and children for picnics at the weekend, tennis lessons or just a nature ramble.

It is an exciting time for St.Augustine’s Priory and we look forward to working with them over the next few months.


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